Senate Says No to Shakopee Prison Fence

Neither the House nor Senate's proposed bonding bills include a fence for the Shakopee women's prison.

Senate Republicans have unveiled a bonding bill larger than the one proposed by their House counterparts, but the request for a fence around the has been locked out – for now.

While the Senate bill calls for spending $496 million on building projects, roads and bridges and other projects across the state, the House bill is at $280 million. Neither proposal includes any funding for a fence in Shakopee.

Gov. Mark Dayton has included a $5.4 million prison fence for Shakopee in his $775 million bonding bill proposal and Department of Corrections officials hope it makes its way back into the final bill.

“We are disappointed that it didn’t not make it in the first drafts of the House or Senate bonding bills, but we are hopeful that legislators will include this important public safety priority in the final version of the legislation," said John Schadl, communications director for the Department of Corrections.

The $5.4 million sought by the DOC is for constructing a perimeter prison offiicals call a compromise – it's more expensive than some but fits in with its residential surroundings.

In February, the , with the exception of councilor Matt Lehman, who abstained from the vote.


Jane DuBois March 30, 2012 at 01:16 PM
i'm saddened to see the Shakopee prison fence wasn't included in the GOP funding bill. The cost of the fence at $5M will pale in comparison to the cost of a lawsuit if a citizen is maimed or killed due to an escape of an inmate. Those opposed to the fence are not being realistic to the dangers. This is a PRISON folks, not a college campus.
Penna1965 March 30, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Actually the Senators in control of that committee are DFLers, earlier that committee and its DFL chair didn't want to commit to the funds to install the fence and the committee wanted to rehash why the prison was built there, why it was built near a school and does the DOC really need the fence. As soon as that article came out -- the funding was doomed. Added to the whole issue is that committee is listening to the small group that is against the fence being installed.
Penna1965 March 30, 2012 at 04:05 PM
The original article from the Shakopee Valley News regarding the DFL committee chair from Walker. http://www.shakopeenews.com/news/top_stories/committee-chair-pushes-chain-link-fence-for-women-s-prison/article_67e8bad5-68ee-5551-8ccf-312613abfef5.html


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