Two Shakopee Brothers Charged in Severe Beating

Travis Warren Denis, 26, faces charges of felony first-degree assault, and felony false imprisonment. His brother, Andrew Lee Denis, 29, is facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

Two Shakopee men have been charged in an incident early Sunday that left one man beaten so severely authorities say he has a traumatic brain injury, is unconscious, and has a breathing tube.

Travis Warren Denis, 26, of Shakopee, faces charges of felony first-degree assault, and felony false imprisonment. His brother, Andrew Lee Denis, 29, of Shakopee, is facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police were called to 481 Dakota St. just before 2 a.m. March 18 for a fight. When they arrived, they saw a man in a red shirt run into the apartment building. Once police went inside, they found a severely injured, bloodied man lying in a hallway screaming, with Andrew Denis and a woman standing nearby. Andrew Denis, who police officers said appeared intoxicated, denied seeing a man in a red shirt and said he didn’t see the incident. He was arrested after interfering with police as they tried to speak with the woman, documents said.

The woman told police she and the victim had ended a romantic relationship a few weeks earlier and that she had filed for an order of protection that had not yet been served on the man. She also reportedly said she knew the man planned to come over that night and that when he did, he started kicking in her door.

Although she said she punched him once, she denied knowing anything about how he became injured or how he got into the hallway, according to documents. She also denied seeing a man in a red shirt, but said her two children and a friend were sleeping upstairs in her apartment.

After hearing a loud crash coming from upstairs in her apartment, officers asked the woman to call to the kids. When they got no response from anyone in the apartment, a SWAT team was called.

Eventually, police said Travis Denis came out of the bedroom peacefully and denied wearing a red shirt or having involvement with the beating.

The children, ages 7 and 9, told police a different story, however. They said Travis Denis changed his shirt when he came into the room. They also reportedly told police he had blocked the door with a television and wouldn’t let them leave. While they were in the room, they said Travis Denis smoked a lot of cigarettes, was swearing a lot and hiding under the bed. They said he also told them not to let the helicopter light see their shadows.

Officers said Travis Denis had abrasions on his knuckles, elbow and forehead when he came out of the room. Officers found a red shirt and a pair of Nike shoes with possible blood stains on them in the bedroom closet, according to court documents.

Travis Denis remains in Scott County Jail on $200,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on March 23. Andrew Denis is also in jail, but no bail or first appearance in court has been set for him.

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The Coupe March 23, 2012 at 01:09 AM
What a creep, and a coward Mr. tough guy hiding under the bed after beating someone serverly that way. Also the woman should be in jail for setting him up!
joe blow March 26, 2012 at 03:47 AM
To the coupe: You have Your right to your opinion but You weren't there so You don't know what happened. If you read the articles from the shakopee paper it states the girl filed a restrainting order so why did the Guy go there in the first place, not saying it makes the crime ok...but its so easy for people to judge because someone types an article from hear say or circumstancal information
Lisa Baumann March 26, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Just to be clear - Information about the attempt to get a restraining order is in the article above and the information was taken directly from court documents.
jane doe April 05, 2012 at 03:32 AM
I don't give a sh*t about "hear say" or "circumstancial evidence"! I happen to know both parties involved. The people that beat that man should be ashamed of themselves. They are supposed to be grown men. The man who was beaten had no business being there, but that does NOT mean he deserved what he got. I hope justice is served in this case and those BOYS get put away for as long as possible. They do not deserve to be free with the mentality that you can do things like that. As far as the girl goes, TRASH!! What kind of mother has people like that around when she has children to think about??!! This man will NEVER be the same! No one has the right to play judge and jury over someones LIFE just because of a squabble over some property. They should have called the police and let the authorities handle it if they didnt want him there. GROW UP! ANIMALS!!


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