Today's Subject...Patience

Impatience is a virtue too...

We have all heard the phrase, "Good things come to those who wait," but how many of us actually believe this to be true? I am not sure I do.

I have never really been a patient person. I know this now, due to years of self-reflection and analysis, but I didn't always know this. It seemed that as soon as I accomplished something or made it to a certain point, I was in a hurry to move onto the next project or goal. I never took the time to appreciate what I had done, who was helpful in getting me there, or how great the feat actually was. I was too focused on what was next. Sometimes the next step wouldn't present itself immediately, and that is when my patience was challenged.

I have tried, over the last 10 years of my life to "stop and smell the roses" if you will, but to this day, my lack of patience is consuming. So much so, that I have physical symptoms from this fixation. I can't sleep, I become obsessed with the topic and I tend to withdraw from personal relationships. I am hoping to see an ad on TV for a prescription I can take, it would state something similar to the following:

"Wish you could have everything you want on a moment's notice? Need help diversifying your daily thoughts? Ever want to quit your job, stop paying bills, and win the lottery? Well then, PATIENCETEX is for you! Side affects include difficulty sharing your feelings with others, irritability and inability to be honest with yourself. If you experience uncontrollable urge to scream at the top of your lungs, "I WANT THIS AND I WANT IT NOW!" please contact your doctor immediately as these symptoms might cause you to self destruct."
Yes, it would read something like that.  It got me thinking, if one can exercise their body, and study a subject to help improve their knowledge, what can one do to improve their patience? I haven't found a cure yet, other than taking things day by day. And when I catch myself becoming impatient, I simply revert back to my training as a ninja and use "In time, young grasshopper" as my mantra.
 I strive to focus on the little things in life that make this journey so incredible. Like the fact that each day that goes by, just means I am that much closer to the things I am working toward. That I have accomplished every goal I have ever set in the past, and future goals should be no different. I may not have everything I want when I want it, but I have what I need to get me there someday. When that day comes, I will need to remind myself to take the time to appreciate everything before rushing onto the next.

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