New Year's Eve Wind Chill - Very Cold

Just in time for your year-end parties, temperatures will drop to zero, and the wind chill factor could be in the negative double digits. That's potentially dangerous for revelers.


So you think it's OK to get drunk for New Year's Eve because you're not driving?

Don't be so sure.

Not getting behind the wheel may keep you out of jail, but the weather authorities are now adding a warning about another danger: tonight's extremely low temperatures. In Shakopee, it'll be around -11, with a wind chill factor between -16 and -21.

That's cold enough to cause hypothermia and frostbite among those who aren't properly attired with a good hat and gloves. Say, people whose imbibing early in the evening gives them a sense of artificial invulnerability? In that case, just walking down a street could be dangerous.

The warning gets stronger as you get further south. In Northfield, for instance, the wind chill could be down to 30 below zero.

Stay safe out there as you celebrate. And if you have any photos of how you experienced the cold (ice rainbows? water turning to ice in the air?) please send them along to our community gallery.

And happy new year.


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