Follow Your Destiny:Divorce Horoscope For July



Cancer- Problems that have been bothering you since the spring are ripe for consideration now. Deal with them and your life will go swimmingly during the summer


Leo- Re-connect and bolster relationships this month. And don’t make any precipitous decisions in your personal life.


Virgo-Widen your nets and develop new relationships while remaining focused on your existing partnerships.


Libra-  What a hectic month for you in your professional, personal and financial relationships. It is a time to jump in and move forward.


Scorpio- You start July with negative feelings. This month offers lots of shots at success in your life, so “let go” of those bad sentiments.


Sagittarius- Assets are looking up this month but improvement might not happen until the end of July.


Capricorn- Been putting your head in the sand? No more –this month. The issues you address now personally and professionally will send you in a new and positive direction.


Aquarius- As always you are creative and this month is the time to put your inspirations to work.

Be aware of your financial circumstances this month- not usually where your concerns lie.


Pisces- A powerfully happy and exuberant time in your friendships and romances.


Aries- Your home life is looking up! Try not to let insignificant irritations at work bother you.


Taurus- July is your lucky month and things are just going to go well.


Gemini-Life is going to turn around this month and lingering issues will be resolved in a positive way.



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